About Me


I am a Movement & Expressive Arts Therapy Facilitator. 

I have been working in the Community Development field for the past 14 years. I founded Intuitive Self in 2016. 


~ Compassion

~ Curiosity

~ Communication

~ Creative expression

~ Collaboration

~ Courage 


I have been drawn to movement, art and music since I was a child. These have always been my avenues for expression and connection, connecting to Self and the Magic of life. 

It was in 2012 when I first discovered movement as a form of ‘therapy’. It was at a time in my life where I was quite burnt out and flat. I realised how much I had disconnected from my body, was living predominately in my head and was so focused on productivity to “prove my worth” that I was never in the present moment.

Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy opened up an entirely new way of navigating my emotions and working through challenges I faced. I found comfort in the client-entered approach of this work - that it is a form of therapy that can be done at your own pace, based on connecting with your intuition and inner wisdom in what I found to be a profoundly creative and self-reflective way.

Before founding Intuitive Self, I worked with a number of community groups both Internationally and within Australia. Since 2008 I have had amazing opportunities to work towards a common goal with incredible people in Vanuatu, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Guyana Philippines and Nepal.

Returning to my home town, Melbourne, I worked with different community services and Not For Profit organisations. I have 14 years of experience consulting, co-designing, planning, co-ordinating and facilitating grass-roots community projects; youth programs for at risk young people, young leaders and teenage girls; as well as capacity building, training and adventure therapy camps. 


I love getting to know everyone’s story: believing in the possibilities achieved by strong community and actions fuelled by love. 

Having found my medicine, I now wish to share these practices with others. My offerings - from one on one sessions, workshops, online programs and training - provide opportunities for discovery and emotional integration.

I invite participants to explore a range of expressive modalities such as: Somatic Body Awareness; Intuitive Movement; Visualisation & Symbol Work; playing with clay, pastels, paint, nature art; Reflective Journal Writing. I enjoy designing and facilitating experiences that encourage participants to tune in with their innate wisdom and creativity. I love holding workshops outdoors to invite quality time with the elements and Mother Nature. 

"The therapist’s role is to help clients to become aware and then to transmute awareness into consciousness of self" – Rollo May, 1969

"The therapist is called a guide, acting as a collaborative explorer with the client, taking a more active role in the early stages of therapy, then slowly shifting to the role of witness in order to foster self-motivated inner growth as therapy progresses." – Daria Halprin


  • Masters of Social Science (International Development), RMIT 2012


  • Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications), SWINBURNE 2009


  • Graduate Certificate in Movement Based Somatic Therapy, TENSEGRITY 2018


  • Certificate in Somatics, Performance & The Creative Process, TAMALPA 2014


Professional Development

  • Vital Leadership, WAYFINDING 2021
  • Alchemy Dance Teacher Training 2019 (& Mentorship 2014-2021)
  • Child Safety practice, CHILDWISE 2021
  • Culturally Responsive Practice, CMY 2021
  • LGBTI Mental Health & Suicide Prevention 2021
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid, MHFA 2021
  • Embodied Social Justice, The Embody Lab 2020
  • Governance Essentials, Non Profit Training 2020
  • Love Bites Training 2019
  • Body as Voice - Trauma Training, Restorative Resources 2018
  • Human Centered Design, IDEO 2017
  • Facilitator Training, Groupwork Centre 2016
  • Drumbeat Facilitator Training, HOLYOAKE 2016
  • Working with Child Sexual Assault, Bravehearts 2012

International CD Work

  • Movement & Expressive Arts Trainer, Kathmandu NEPAL 2018
  • Media & Communications Officer, Women’s Org, Philippines 2012
  • Youth Educator, Centre for Disaster Preparedness, Philippines 2012
  • Project Co-ordinator & Team Leader, Youth Challenge Guyana 2010-2011
  • Media & Communications Officer, Our Generations Challenge, UNMDG, Timor Leste & Papua New Guinea, Oaktree Foundation 2009
  • Youth Challenge, Vanuatu 2008


I honour my mentors GH Soto, Anne O’Keefe, Alice Cummins, Tracey Nicholson, Amber Gray, Tiana Lenti, Mandy Agnew, Rosie Fayman; and credit the teachings of Anna Halprin, Daria Halprin, Gabrielle Roth, Emilie Conrad, and Peter Levine.