Dance Performance

Here is a collection of performance work, both solo and collaboration that I have explored as a Dancer.

Click through here for to view some recorded performances on my VIMEO.


Mishka Beckmann & Cathy Williams, two Melbourne-based artists, have both returned to the same nature reserves since childhood. This film, Home (2021), explores their experience of finding self in landscape.

'Home' is an invitation to return to your body and to join these femme artists as they return to Wilsons Promontory National Park (Yiruk Country), to them a significant landscape. Re-entering their childhood sense of play and wonder while exploring what it means to be modern women in Australia.

In a ritualistic ceremony of sorts, the artists connect through film and dance, in a cleansing clearing practice of remembering, giving form to feelings, allowing the body to speak the story of ‘Home’.




Collaborative Installation performed at Chapel Gallery, Abbottsford Convent, 2017

When our agency and sexuality trouble society, how far do we have to fall? We observe how constraints imposed on traditional femininity break us and can be broken apart. Emanating from a site-specific exploration of the Abbotsford Convent spaces, this mother-daughter-friend collaboration explores the systematic institutionalisation of the political female body. Coming together and telling our stories is radical and powerful. Using images, texts, audio and movement, this exhibition is about collective storytelling as a way of rising above the shame imposed upon us.




Bones Single Launch with Charlotte Roberts, 2016
Performed at The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne 

I was honoured to be Charlotte Robert's dancer in the video clip for her single ‘Bones’.

For the Singles celebratory launch, I performed improvised pieces with Charlotte.




Trilogy - Nic Green, 2016
Performed at Arts House

In this adventurous and celebratory performance event, Glasgow based artist Nic Green exuberantly examines feminism, inviting women of all ages and backgrounds to share the stage in an energetic tribute.



Circling the Brink - Convergence Two was a walking tour of movement, music and installation performances set in the beautiful landscape of Telopea Gardens.

From spending time moving within the soft pine nest of the Casurina Grove womb – I was inspired to relate with the five She-Oaks as pillars of ancestral wisdom and story – connecting the Red Thread of the Maternal line. The choreography for this work was inspired through intuitive movement response and mirroring of the She-Oaks shapes and textures and further by the emotions that arise within me in their presence: a somatic archeology of lived and living experience.