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*Seeking to explore new creative practices

*Desiring more intention, mindfulness & awareness in your day to day

*Wanting to get out of your head & feel juicy and connected in your body

*Open to fresh ways of being with & navigating emotions

*Eager to play, be curious & discover


The best part of joining the LIVE container is our community element!

I hold three LIVE events via Zoom for the closed group in Week 2, 4 & 6.

It is an opportunity to do processes together in real-time, ignite inspiration, and share your experiences.

This sacred group space is a powerful witnessing of our humanity.

*These will be recorded for those who cannot make the live times.

I am offering two length options:

4-WEEK experience: $330AUD

6-WEEK experience: $480AUD

*Payment plan options available for both - get in touch to arrange


Feel free to contact me with any further curiosities you have.

I look forward to connecting with you and am excited to share this work x


When will I receive the content?

Each package will be available on your Teachable platform on the Monday morning each week. I offer guidance and tips on how to

integrate the practices into habits, carve out space for yourself and adapt the processes for your desires and needs.

ALSO, you will have access to this content ongoing!

What will I need?

  • A space in your home or outdoors you can claim as your own
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing which allows for movement
  • A journal to write in
  • Art materials - I will always offer adaptations to what you have available but it is great to have drawing tools of your choice - pencils, pastels, markers. We will also explore watercolours, collage and air dry clay.

(Please note: No experience necessary. These are not instructional tutorials but a focus on process rather than outcome).

Why pre-recorded content?

Cultivating a creative reflective practice is a nourishing way to care for ourselves, be with our bodies and hearts and move through life. These processes can be incredibly deep and personal and I wanted to offer them in a way you can watch the videos at a time that suits your weekly schedule and go at your own pace. I want to make these offerings accessible to people regardless of timezones, weekly commitments and ability to get to a studio. You have access to video demonstrations, downloadable audio files and worksheets - which means you can keep returning to these practices and will have access to all content even after the live container is finished.

Can you tell me more about the live community events?

There is magic and accountability in knowing you are experiencing this at the same time as others and beauty in sharing our experiences and learning from one another. The live zoom sessions will be held every two weeks during the experience and is an opportunity to share processes in real-time and speak and be heard in our experience of the work. These events have been a real highlight for participants! Participation is of course optional and, with consent, will be recorded for those who cannot join.

If I sign up for the 4-week experience but want to keep going, can I add the extra 2 weeks?

YES. You can purchase the bonus 2 weeks + final LIVE event

Will I have access to you during this time?

Absolutely! I will be available via email for any questions you have during the experience, and as needed via phone call.