Heart ~ Body ~ Mind. Are yours aligned and connected?

Body Wisdom guides you in how to foster deep connection with and between each of these vital parts of yourself.

I share my insights through thoughtful poetry, generous storytelling and inspired invitations, encouraging you to curiously and intuitively cultivate your own creative-reflective embodied practices.

This eight-chapter journey offers creative avenues to develop your relationship with your innate Body Wisdom, strengthen your confidence in your Intuition and nurture compassion and love for Self.

An empowering resource to return to regularly that will enhance your resilience to be with the ebb and flow of this wild life.


Available in paperback, hardcover, audio book and e-book.



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Please enjoy this free mini course: BEING IN THE BODY. 

Taken from Chapter 3 of my book: Body Wisdom, through this course I aim to remind you that you are in a body.

Through the practices offered, I hope you are inspired to bring your awareness to your body now and in your everyday life - developing your own unique movement practice to creatively explore and connect with your body. You have the agency to listen to your body and do what feels comfortable and supportive to you. This is an act of deep listening and moving intuitively with your bodies innate wisdom.

  • You will explore what your relationship is to your body in this current season.
  • You will be guided through a Body Scan and Body Map exercise.
  • You will become aware of your daily movements and expand your capacity for movement possibilities.
  • You will explore touch and develop your own unique stretch sequences tailored to your body on any given day.



From my heart to yours, I share in this Vimeo clip - key parts of my story. Welcoming you into my world and to my Movement & Expressive Arts practice 'Intuitive Self'.

I talk to:

  • The call I felt at 19 years of age, after watching a particular documentary, to dive into the Community Development field
  • My journey from living in my head, feeling great disconnection, being burnt out - to returning to my BODY and forging my path
  • The workshop that changed the direction of my life
  • How these creative & somatic modalities have supported me
  • The birth of 'Intuitive Self' and the intention behind all my offerings

WATCH HERE - Enjoy x

The Transformative Power of Art & Dance as a Spiritual Practice


I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Lara Schilken's BLISS REPUBLIC podcast.

It was a dive into the creative possibilities of Art & Dance as a Spiritual Practice, and the ways we can further enhance our connection to our Body and Intuitive Guidance.

You can listen here and watch here.



My dear friend and colleague Rachel Clark launched her podcast ‘Compelling Communicators’.

In episode 8, I was invited to explore my relationship with communication.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak to this core value of mine and how this way of being informs how I relate and how I facilitate my Intuitive Self offerings.

In our conversation, we weaved through:

  • Compassionate communication, coming from a place of curious enquiry where understanding unfolds over time 
  • Experiential engagement to deepen our connection to Self through our practices, to therefore meet others in this way 
  • Vulnerability, intimacy, trust & safety 
  • How can we support others to feel ‘heard’ & ‘seen’?


Kudos to my teachers Anne O’Keeffe and GH Soto who have taught me so much about presence & the felt sense of space held. 

To take a listen, follow the link here



Here are a collection of some of my go-to resource books in the world of Movement & Expressive Arts Therapy PLUS some all-time favourites.

Happy reading 🙂