Personal 1:1 Sessions

I offer personalised one-on-one sessions, online or in-person in Melbourne

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It is my honour and privilege to work with you in a 1:1 capacity and be part of your journey of self-discovery.

The quote, "My love language is reminding you of your power" encapsulates me as a facilitator to your process.

I see Movement and Expressive Arts therapy as creative avenues to discover more about yourself, understand your experiences and provide you with tools for self-regulation and navigation through life.

The 1:1 personalised space is tailored to your needs and intention. It is an opportunity to be with what is current within you and give attention to areas of challenge.

You have the agency, you set the pace. I intuitively and compassionately hold space, offer processes and support your experience with curious enquiry and integration between sessions.


During an initial consultation, we discuss what has bought you to the work and what you would like to work with. I reflect back themes I heard and with my support, you set an intention for the process to begin from. 

Sessions are generally 1-1.5hours long and in addition, I tailor practices for you to continue at home to support you continued self-discovery. They are tailored to your unique self, to meet your needs, wants and desires.


  • Anxiety
  • Indecision
  • Seeking to get out of their mind and into their body
  • Stress caused by relationship; stress caused by work
  • Wanting to be more embodied
  • Seeking more self-care time and practices for self-love
  • Seeking wholistic balance of heart/body/mind
  • Feeling they were stuck in a stagnant loop
  • Wanting to cultivate more joy, freedom and vibrancy into their life
  • Desiring deeper connection to Self

"I have had two glorious sessions with Cathy, both of which were nourishing and supportive of integration. Thank you for facilitating the different scores for exploration. This supported me to connect to my breath and body, and create space to live more fully, engage with the creative flow and the pulse of life within me. I appreciated how the sessions supported me to engage in a dialogue with my surrounds that was sensitive to the emergent feeling and sensing shifts."

- Charlotte Roberts, Musician/Vocal Artist/ Composer/ Facilitator 

"I felt so connected and grounded in my body through the guided meditation and the body movement work.
Each session helped increase the awareness of my physical body, both internally and externally.
It was also very satisfying to observe tangible results at the end of each session.
Cathy is warm, caring and dedicated to her body movement work.”

- Doris Do, QHHT and Voice Channeling Practitioner.

"Thanks so much Cathy for your gentle, warm, trusting leading. Your confidence and comfort with movement, trying, feeling , gave permission to the group to do the same. Thank you for trusting that we had out own unique ways of partaking in the work.”

- Danyelle, Workshop participant.