Artist self

'Lands within' series - Watercolour


Growing seeds, curling out
Roots hold you

You’re not your past
You’ve learnt from that
Heard led truth

It’s coming now
No holding back
Here for you
Can you feel it?

Reach out your hand, give just enough
Follow me to
Frolicking ferns, messy mud
Joy, leap, Jump

Breathing rocks stretch us out
I want more
Come and meet me

Sun glistens off the tops of the waves

I feel you
Pulse flickers at the touch of your breath
When I’m near you
I dive in deep
Caresses so sweet
I’m unearthing

Take what you can from each moment
Show up, enjoy the pace

Let yourself be seen, it’s the only way
To learn we communicate

Lean in, its all for you
I’m here for you
All for you


She is listening
Ears & feet to the earth
Eyes to the sky
Hands & body, taken by the wind
Dancing with the water
What is calling her?

Sunshine rays spray, backing her
She steps forward: towards the call
Trust in where the river flows

Return to your heart, often
Let it be your guide
There is infinite wisdom here

Allow yourself to expand with possibility
These ideas have wings
Cultivate your Magic

Allow what flows through you
To come forth, be birthed

Let it change, inspire & evolve you
Your gifts are needed in this world

Do you have the courage to share them?

'Higher Self' - Watercolour

'Lands within' series - Watercolour


I step forth
I yield
From a place of inspired action

Sensing through the world
I move, my way
Permission to feel
I am me, in any given moment

What feels juicy and vibrant
Expands me, fills my cup
Lifts me up and those around me
Giving, from overflow

I’m heart led, intuitively guided
Curiously, finding my way

I am met, in deep connection
Nourished, along the way

I have choice, where I flow
Going in, rippling out

I focus my attention
Standing strong
On these pillars of life

I choose to see
Take responsibility
For what I say
What I do

A gifted lens is what I see through
I have value
I have value

Coming back
To me,
To me,
To me
It’s all within
It’s all within

Here I am
Here I am
Here, I am


I enter you
I pull back the curtains and enter you
My left toe is the last to lift
And I shimmy my way in

A giggle of glee surprises me
I follow the length of your branches
Like I followed my own feet that lead me here
I trace the patterns of your bark
All is magnificent

How honoured I am to be in your presence
What it took to get to you is behind me now
I open, arms wide
I want to embrace
To feel all of you

I am moved by you
I am moved from you
I move with you

I feel you swirling within
I feel you calming my skin

I am meant to be here
Magic will come now

'All parts of me' - Watercolour