About Me



I am a Movement & Expressive Arts Therapy Community Facilitator. 

I have been working in the Community Development field for the past 15 years.

I founded Intuitive Self in 2016 to advocate for the transformative healing powers Movement/Somatics & Creative Art modalities have in re-connecting us with our innate Body Wisdom and Intuitive Guidance.



I have been drawn to movement, art and music since I was a child. These have been my avenues for self-expression and creativity, connecting to Self and the Magic of life. 

It was in 2012 when I first discovered movement as a form of ‘therapy’. It was at a time in my life where I was quite burnt out and flat. I realised how much I had disconnected from my body and was living predominately in my head, focused on productivity to “prove my worth” - so much so, that I was never living in the present moment.

Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy opened up an entirely new way of navigating my emotions and working through challenges I faced. I found comfort in the client-centered approach - it is a form of wholistic healing that can be done at your own pace, and in your own way - which I found to be a profoundly creative and self-reflective.

Before founding Intuitive Self, I worked with a number of community groups both Internationally and within Australia designing and implementing a number of grassroots community, youth and social justice programs focused on capacity building. Since 2008 I have had amazing opportunities to work towards a common goal with incredible people in Vanuatu, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Guyana, Philippines and Nepal.


Having found my medicine, I now wish to share these practices with others. My offerings - from one on one sessions, workshops, online programs/courses and well-being training - provide opportunities for creative self-discovery and emotional integration.

I thrive designing and facilitating experiences that encourage participants to connect deeply with their body/heart/mind, tune in with their innate wisdom and guidance and create more space for creative self-expression and personal growth.


~ Compassion

~ Curiosity

~ Communication

~ Creative expression

~ Collaboration

~ Courage 

"The therapist’s role is to help clients to become aware and then to transmute awareness into consciousness of self" – Rollo May, 1969

"The therapist is called a guide, acting as a collaborative explorer with the client, taking a more active role in the early stages of therapy, then slowly shifting to the role of witness in order to foster self-motivated inner growth as therapy progresses." – Daria Halprin


  • Masters of Social Science (International Development), RMIT 2012


  • Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications), SWINBURNE 2009


  • Graduate Certificate in Movement Based Somatic Therapy, TENSEGRITY 2018


  • Certificate in Somatics, Performance & The Creative Process, TAMALPA 2014


Professional Development

  • Vital Leadership, WAYFINDING 2021
  • Alchemy Dance Teacher Training 2019 (& Mentorship 2014-2021)
  • Child Safety practice, CHILDWISE 2021
  • Culturally Responsive Practice, CMY 2021
  • LGBTI Mental Health & Suicide Prevention 2021
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid, MHFA 2021
  • Embodied Social Justice, The Embody Lab 2020
  • Governance Essentials, Non Profit Training 2020
  • Love Bites Training 2019
  • Body as Voice - Trauma Training, Restorative Resources 2018
  • Human Centered Design, IDEO 2017
  • Facilitator Training, Groupwork Centre 2016
  • Drumbeat Facilitator Training, HOLYOAKE 2016
  • Working with Child Sexual Assault, Bravehearts 2012

International CD Work

  • Movement & Expressive Arts Trainer, Kathmandu NEPAL 2018
  • Media & Communications Officer, Women’s Org, Philippines 2012
  • Youth Educator, Centre for Disaster Preparedness, Philippines 2012
  • Project Co-ordinator & Team Leader, Youth Challenge Guyana 2010-2011
  • Media & Communications Officer, Our Generations Challenge, UNMDG, Timor Leste & Papua New Guinea, Oaktree Foundation 2009
  • Youth Challenge, Vanuatu 2008


I honour my mentors GH Soto, Anne O’Keefe, Alice Cummins, Tracey Nicholson, Amber Gray, Tiana Lenti, Mandy Agnew, Rosie Fayman; and credit the teachings of Anna Halprin, Daria Halprin, Gabrielle Roth, Emilie Conrad, and Peter Levine.