Pregnancy Journey

Supporting your pregnancy journey

Having completed parts of my Somatic training during my pregnancy, I found the processes and creative nurturing time paramount to my capacity to embrace the changes that were occurring to my body and life during this initiation chapter.

I offer personalised sessions for women both during their pregnancy and post-natal journey.

Women are supported to navigate their experiences during pregnancy with self-compassion and creative embodied processing.

The personalised sessions are an opportunity to connect with your intuition and body wisdom, strengthening deep connection with self and your growing baby.

An opportunity to give to yourself: Nourishing you as a woman and mother!

Themes explore can include:

  • Celebrating Self
  • Trust in your body
  • Surrendering & Embracing change
  • Identity as Mother
  • Inner Child
  • Womb connection
  • Understanding fears

The pregnancy support package is three sessions, but you can book additional sessions as you like.

Blessingway Ceremony

As a Sacred Space Holder and Event Creatress, I would be honoured to support the celebration and initiation of this time in you or a sisters life in preparing and hosting a Blessingway ceremony for you.

What is a Blessingway?

A Blessingway is a celebration of pregnancy and an honouring of the mama. This time in one’s life can get away from us as the focus can often be consumed with preparing for babies arrival. 

This special ceremony allows for a pause to take place and a celebration to occur, really honouring the great initiation that it is. 

During a Blessingway, the mother-to-be is celebrated in a way that is unique to her. Her closest sisters gather to share their loving support. We are not alone in our experiences - we are amazing women and our sisterhood and community are here to walk by our side. 

Every gathering is unique just like you and your journey!

For these ceremonies I meet with the mama and converse with her sisters to prepare a gathering that is tailored. Plus a few gorgeous surprises in there 🙂 

Some activities that I can facilitate include: 

For Mama

  • Circle exchange of poetry, wisdom, storytelling, songs & medicine chants 
  • Belly art (non-toxic paints &/or henna)
  • Creation of Birthing or Mama-hood Altar of sacred gifted & crafted pieces 
  • Piece of art co-created by all sisters 

For all sisters 

  • Women’s circle 
  • Arts & Crafts - watercolours, clay sculpture, nature-art, Mandala art, beading, henna
  • Intuitive movement, self-massage & massage circles

Book a Discovery Call with me to find out more x


I am here to capture this gorgeous time in your life. 

Choose a special location, wear something that makes you feel like the Goddess you are, and let’s play!